Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Whether you are an attorney, doctor, or upwardly mobile socialite, you make sure that whatever you are wearing out looks good on you.  From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, your look shows everyone what strata of the socio-economic ladder you belong too.  So you make sure your wig is […]

We Educated Black People LOVE to give our children names that show that “we’ve arrived!” Names that won’t leave the teacher guessing where the accent should be.  Names that don’t necessarily reveal the child’s race like Nina(often times followed by Simone), Melanie, Noah(many are huge fans), Drew, Aiden, Nile and Gavin.  Gone is the day where Shaquan, De’Ja-nae and LaPonicah […]

After moving to Atlanta in droves, EBP will discover their new found love and desire for gated communities. The average EBP is very familiar with gated communities; whether they grew up with a gate at the front of their neighborhood or went to an HBCU such as Hampton or Howard University that was equipped with […]

Educated Black People like foreign cars. Something about the undergraduate degree just makes American made cars inadequate. Now, the type of B.A. determines where the foreign car is from. Any Liberal Arts degree is automatically a Japanese Import (with a heavy affinity towards the Honda Accord). Science or engineering degrees are not as simple. Sometimes […]

EBPs love to be “the exception.” There is no better way to separate themselves from regular BP, than by an EBP’s choice of footwear. The deck shoe or boating shoe is very popular in the EBP community. Most EBP prefer the Sperry brand of deck shoe. EBPs love wearing their deck shoes with shorts, khakis, […]