Saturday, February 24th, 2018

If you are an EBP, chances are you have attended a wine and cheese affair. It all starts with an invitation. This will not be a phone call, text or paper invitation. It will be an Evite; other methods of invitation are unacceptable for EBP. Only real EBP know what an Evite is. Your host […]

Educated Black People like spas. There are many reasons why EBP like spas, but the main reason is that they offer exclusivity – the one thing an EBP constantly craves. They can make appointments, arrive 5 minutes early and be worked on immediately. An EBP would not be caught dead in a typical(nobody speaks English) […]

Educated Black People Like Facebook. This is the social networking site of choice for most EBP. Not the Facebook of today, but the Facebook, pre-2005, when only college students aka “educated people” could join and there weren’t all those new applications to add to your profile. In the good old days, one had to have […]

EBP like Oprah. She has an exceptional ability that most other EBP wish they had – the ability to hold the attention of people and make them do, like, or buy just about anything. Oprah is educated and pulled herself up from nothing to be one of the most notable names in the world. EBP […]

One will only need to be in the company of an EBP for a short time before they hear about the EBPs love for jazz. Jazz has the uncanny ability of touching an EBP’s inner soul and heart, and making them feel them feel the pains and problems of the past. It is also the […]

Today is a special day in the hearts of Educated Black People, for it’s their favorite day of the month: FIRST FRIDAY! Unlike uneducated black people and their love affair with the 1st and 15th of every month, educated Black People wait in anticipation for the First Friday. This is the day that upscale events […]

Educated Black People LOVE poetry slams. Poetry slams are events where either professional poets or audience members get up and recite original poems, songs and speeches. Educated black people are large attendees of these “slams” because we believe that this form of entertainment is much better then going to a bar, listening to music, enjoying […]

Educated Black people like Neo Soul. For those of you who don’t know what this genre of music is about, I have included a short description. Neo soul (also known as nu soul) is a music genre and an umbrella term for current soul music. The music is usually a hybrid of 1970s-influenced soul music […]