Saturday, February 24th, 2018

We Educated Black People LOVE to give our children names that show that “we’ve arrived!” Names that won’t leave the teacher guessing where the accent should be.  Names that don’t necessarily reveal the child’s race like Nina(often times followed by Simone), Melanie, Noah(many are huge fans), Drew, Aiden, Nile and Gavin.  Gone is the day where Shaquan, De’Ja-nae and LaPonicah […]

After moving to Atlanta in droves, EBP will discover their new found love and desire for gated communities. The average EBP is very familiar with gated communities; whether they grew up with a gate at the front of their neighborhood or went to an HBCU such as Hampton or Howard University that was equipped with […]

Educated Black People like foreign cars. Something about the undergraduate degree just makes American made cars inadequate. Now, the type of B.A. determines where the foreign car is from. Any Liberal Arts degree is automatically a Japanese Import (with a heavy affinity towards the Honda Accord). Science or engineering degrees are not as simple. Sometimes […]

EBP have the same problems as UEBP or WP. However, EBP take pride in hiding their drama from friends or co-workers. By allowing their drama to be brought into public light, EBP appear nothing more than the UEBP stereotypes portrayed by the media. Whether it be man problems, problems at work or catty-chick stuff; EBP […]

Whenever someone visits the home or office of an EBP, they will notice that photographs are usually displayed. While this is a normal practice for all races, EBP do things a little differently. At first glance one will notice the pictures of family members; then, it will be spotted, perhaps in its own distinctive frame. […]

Educated Black People like MegaChurches. There’s something about these churches that draw EBP in large numbers. The Pastors/Reverends/Bishops at the Mega Churches usually have advanced degrees in Divinity called a Doctor of Divinity. These church leaders usually use words with several syllables – something that EBP love. An example of these words would be: multiplicity, […]

Educated Black People like spas. There are many reasons why EBP like spas, but the main reason is that they offer exclusivity – the one thing an EBP constantly craves. They can make appointments, arrive 5 minutes early and be worked on immediately. An EBP would not be caught dead in a typical(nobody speaks English) […]

Educated Black People Like correcting others. It does not matter the topic or situation, an EBP will never miss an opportunity to correct someone else. Hell, they’ll probably correct this post. An EBP will stop at nothing to show off their so called “educated” status. Whether it be correcting a co-worker on a point of […]

EBP like weddings. They enjoy the Pomp and Circumstance that comes along with an EBP wedding; an invitation only affair, filled with other EBP. Making weddings exclusive events are a favorite of EBP. Long gone are the days of a traditional church wedding. The advanced EBP now enjoy “destination weddings”. They can prevent the undesirables […]

Besides themselves, EBP like talking about uneducated Blacks who disgrace their race. Most EBP hate those Blacks who are loud in public and draw unnecessary attention to themselves. EBP especially get embarrassed when they are out with their white friends and they run into an uneducated Black person. They usually want to run over and […]