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#16 Howard University


For a large number of potential EBP in high school, Howard University is their Mecca. Throughout the long selection process, Howard is viewed in the same light as a move to Atlanta. If the potential EBP is lucky enough, they will be invited to a HU “College Night” where alumni will come to speak about the greatness of Howard. The alum will probably be dressed in a bow tie and tweed jacket, and will speak with their nose slightly in the air. They will discuss the greatness of HU, and how only a chosen few are able to walk the halls. Most potential EBPs will look at the alum crazy, but a few will contemplate how THEY would look in tweed.
Most EBPs have a unique relationship with Howard U., stemming from that fact that it is a great institution of learning. While EBP can acknowledge the educational benefits, they get tired of listening to Howard alums brag upon the school as if it is the end all of universities. If an observer wants to see “pointed debate”, “retinal retraction”, & “constructive criticism” (i.e. “arguments”,”eye-rolling” & “hating”) at its finest, insert a HU alum into a group of EBP who are discussing their alma maters.
While the accomplishments and alums from Howard cannot be argued, EBP do not like someone reminding them of this constantly. The experiences at many universities are interchangeable and just switching the dorm name, chapter letters and nickname for the Quad will make a generic story to fit the EBP college experience. Using this line of logic, there isn’t much difference between Howard U. and Stillman College other than Howard is a top 100 school and Stillman students apparently can’t write.
For non-EBP, remember Howard U., as any black history quizzes will have a question that can be answered using it. It is equally important to remember the pride that EBP have for their alma mater, and assuming
that all EBP go to Howard will earn the “WTF!” face from many.


16 Responses to “#16 Howard University”
  1. Ari says:

    The thing is that we are equipped to deal with the “WTF” face in a manner that is respectful yet admonishing all at the same time so that the “WTF” face never happens in our presence again.

    I also must add that a lot of people come to me trying to debate why their school (usually a non HBCU) was better, and of course that is why we have to back our alma mater up. There are some gung-ho’s but, I’d rather be debating with someone who has the full picture rather than what they read on HU from a Princeton Review fact sheet.

  2. Kristie says:

    Like any college Howard does not excel at every subject. As a person who decided to transfer from HU to a non-HBCU after changing my major I do not regret my choice. I respect Howard, and have realized the benefits of going (college family feeling, the people you meet, and endless amount of contacts). Would I ever go back? Possibly for their graduate programs like School of B, because the programs is top notch and I have talked to several happy graduates! It is important to choose a school that fits you and is best for your major and not simply, because you’re black and it’s just as black as you!

  3. Alicia says:

    Please. I went to Howard and absolutely hated it! I thought that there was no way possible for that to occur, but apparently everyone has to go through the “Howard Experience.” That is what makes you or breaks you, especially if you are a transfer student. I transferred because Howard couldn’t give me the classes I needed, I could do without the unnecessary admin office drama, and get a quality education and fewer problems at another university. I can go to any other school in this country HBCU or not and still become and educated Black Woman. Get real. . . .

  4. James Morgan says:

    I love being a Howard Alumni! Class of 2011!!

  5. Dene says:

    Don’t forget about the Spelman and Morehouse grads. Many EBP tend to have passed through one of these top 3 (and will gladly sport bumper stickers or any paraphernalia they have. :) *puts on Splemna shirt*

  6. Kevin says:

    Lest we forget, many EBPs attended what have come to be known as PWIs. I appreciate the author of this particular posting for not making this a divisive issue. I grow so weary of the tireless debate with NEBPs who “attended” (Did you catch what happened there? Attended vs. Graduated from) a HBCU and still dispute the credibility of my “black college experience”.

    As a minor PS, I am quite in love with this site for its skillful wielding of satire to play off of the insecurities held by EBPs who still worry about acceptance by the broader community. Bravo!

  7. An EBP says:

    Glad you have such pride in HU, however it only educates a minority of the EBpopulation. The thought of people reading the post and believing it to be anything less than a grand exaggeration made me chuckle and cringe at the same time. Additionally, there are many people who didn’t know HU existed until reaching college (myself included).

    I guess the numbers depend on if you are including only African Americans or imigrants as well.

    Just a few friendly thoughts. Great writing style, btw.

  8. Michael says:

    hbcus are still inferior to Ivy Leagues in my opinion, besides how do I separate a MORGAN/COPPIN student from a so-called Morehouse Man or Howard Man, they all reek of HBCU-ness to me

  9. Dr.EB says:

    I finished from two PWCs and an HBCU, Prairie View A&M University (second generation graduate after two relatives). My Prairie View experience was the best educational experience of my life. I was also part of a summer program at Southern (number two experience) and finished from a small town public school system (number three) in the south. Those are three educational institutions that some would not consider “good” schools. Without a doubt my Prairie View experience prepared me for graduate school and beyond. I would not trade my PV experience for the world.

  10. L.D. says:

    I think this puts an interesting spin on the HU vs. EveryOtherHBCUinTheCountry debate. Personally I think this is one of those issues that turns from friendly rivalry to elitism very quickly and is something that keeps Black people from feeling more cohesive. I wish there were more spaces where Black people can chill without being worried about who attended the “right” school (I didn’t, apparently) or who attained a formal education (I did, twice).

  11. DeMarcus says:

    I disagree with this statement, I’m an EBP and I love Morehouse and Spelman, I think it’s better to say that we all love our “Black Ivies,” now HU is a great place, but the headquarters for black male excellence is in Atlanta, in the AUC…

  12. Raye E says:

    Howard Grad 1993.
    I received an amazing education and achieved great personal and social growth at this HBCU. The legacy continues……..
    Son #2017 Daughter #2018

  13. Alfred Hampton says:

    I respect Howard University. But I went to ST John’s University ( SJU) and New York University (NYU). I’m not putting any other university over my own. Shrugs!

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