Friday, January 19th, 2018

#22 Passing the BAR


For those EBP who manage to survive law school, graduation comes with feelings of mixed emotions. Of course they are happy to be done with the 3 year ass whipping that is law school, but are also dreading the preparation to study for the Bar exam.

During the time when an EBP is studying for the Bar, they will not be visible to their social circle, unless it consists of other EBP studying for the Bar. Many of you may not even know your EBP friend is studying for the Bar. There is good reason for this. An EBP will not tell many people that he/she is studying for the Bar, because the next thing out of the other person’s mouth will be, “When are the results coming out?” I hated that question. It’s like saying, “Let me know, so I can talk about you behind your back if you fail.”

In contrast, once an EBP has passed the Bar, all hell breaks out. Everybody in the world will know. It will be in theie status on Facebook, AIM or whatever instant message program they use. If you know an EBP who took the Bar and passed, you will probably be part of a mass text message informing you of their passing. The pastor will announce it in church and their parents will call every relative they hate or never talked to, to rub it in their faces.

The pressure will now be on for the new attorney to wear business attire everyday and distribute business cards to every person they meet. Don’t talk about them though, they deserve to relish in the glory for a while. However, if they’re still doing a little too much after a month or so, tell them to give it a rest.


4 Responses to “#22 Passing the BAR”
  1. ashley says:

    every post on this website just gets worse and worse!!!!!!

  2. LeCourtney says:

    Ashley, I so agree with you. I have been frowning since the very first sentence…

  3. Rachel says:

    Uh. I’m not sure how this is applicable to just one group of people. Did you go to law school? Do you know anything about studying for the bar? Are you a lawyer? This is how EVERYONE behaves while studying for the bar. Hint for actually being funny: If you’re going to have a satirical website about the stereotypical behavior of one group, make sure you are actually addressing the stereotypical behavior of that group, not the entire population.

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