Friday, January 19th, 2018

#11 Jazz


One will only need to be in the company of an EBP for a short time before they hear about the EBPs love for jazz. Jazz has the uncanny ability of touching an EBP’s inner soul and heart, and making them feel them feel the pains and problems of the past. It is also the preferred date, as it shows true sophistication and understanding, while always impressing the ladies. EBPs feel like that they cannot be at regular radio-promoted parties, and will drive thru hell to find the newly found jazz club. Once there, they can sip wine and hear a failed musician play covers of the great jazz artists. Afterwards, the EBP can discuss the “tone” and “depth” of the music like a seasoned critic.

The one thing with jazz, is that most people only know a handful of artists. Whenever an EBP discusses jazz with friends, it is a lock that they will say one of the following names as their favorite artist: Coltrane, Armstrong, Ellington, Simone or Davis. Any other names will show that they are not truly “lovers” of the jazz movement. EBPs will also make sure any trips to Memphis, Chicago and New Orleans include a stop to an authentic jazz club so they can brag to their friends about how they were able to see the roots of the genre. If anybody wants to start a long term friendship/relationship with an EBP, it must start with a trip to a jazz night. Afterwards, you have them hooked for life.


8 Responses to “#11 Jazz”
  1. m says:

    As a jazz artist and black guy, I usually see about 0 “EBPs” at shows around NY, the jazz capitol. A few show up to my shows, but thats because they are my friends. I think EBPs might like the IDEA of Jazz but aint actually connected to it.

  2. chocolatemint says:

    I’m also a jazz musician, and I agree with M!

  3. Cindy says:

    I love Jazz – and recently went for a Jazz Show. There was a total of 4 “EBP” – 2 in the Quintet playing, myself (and my date – who absolutely hates Jazz and was only there because I wanted to go for Jazz that evening). It could be that EBP are “expected ” to love Jazz so most try to…..

  4. Minka says:

    That’s false you don’t have to be an EBP, to like jazz. Jazz is rooted in black history and world music. Jazz can speak to anybody, and most of the early jazz musicians were uneducated.

    • Jessica says:

      Minka, you are exactly right. If you go down the New Orleans it seems like everybody has a deep appreciation for Jazz.

  5. Blair says:

    There is a typo in your Jazz description.

    Preview: “Jazz has the uncanny ability of touching an EBP’s inner soul and heart, and making them feel them feel the pains and problems of the past.”

    Just a courteous call from a fellow EBP.

  6. marvin says:

    I have always loved Jazz, I have childhood friends who are renown jazz musicians, however I usually go to Jazz events alone, or with people who truly love Jazz, so we all can enjoy ourselves.

  7. AK says:

    Yet another piece of black cultural history neglected by blacks but now embraced and patronized predominantly by whites. I went to see Wynton Marsalis, 95% WHITE audience.

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