Friday, January 19th, 2018

#13 Oprah


EBP like Oprah. She has an exceptional ability that most other EBP wish they had – the ability to hold the attention of people and make them do, like, or buy just about anything. Oprah is educated and pulled herself up from nothing to be one of the most notable names in the world.

EBP are constantly fighting at work or any place else to get ahead and/or be heard, while Oprah can tell white people to read a book or buy a CD and they do it without second thought. How else do you think Jamie Foxx sold so many albums? Oprah! And of course, don’t forget Tom Cruise’s hopping on the couch incident. What other black woman do you know that can make a rich, white man go crazy like he did without holding a gun or knife in her hand? It goes without saying that she can make white people famous. Not even white people cared about Dr. Phil or Racheal Ray until Oprah said they were acceptable white people.

If you are black and having problems getting a job/promotion or trying to obtain a loan, write to Oprah and ask her to do a show about how good it is to hire blacks or loan them money. Either the employer/loan officer or his wife will watch the episode and decide to follow Oprah’s suggestions. Look for your success to follow soon. White people follow Oprah like the Pied Piper! EBP like Oprah because she’s powerful, rich, and kicked Stedman’s trifling self out!

It isn’t necessary for whites to comment to an EBP how much they love Oprah, they already know you do, even if the white person doesn’t know why.


One Response to “#13 Oprah”
  1. J-GUDDA says:

    NO WE DON’T!!!

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