Friday, January 19th, 2018

#15 Facebook (Pre-2005)


Educated Black People Like Facebook. This is the social networking site of choice for most EBP. Not the Facebook of today, but the Facebook, pre-2005, when only college students aka “educated people” could join and there weren’t all those new applications to add to your profile. In the good old days, one had to have a valid college email address to join, now “everyone can join”. The reason most EBP loved Facebook back then, was because of the exclusivity it offered. Today, as the login page exclaims, “Everyone Can Join!” Also thrown in is “its FREE”; that four letter word makes every EBP cringe with disgust; because if its free, the site will be flooded with undesirables.

However, Facebook is still popular among the EBP community because of certain features. Facebook allows its users to limit the information others see on their profile; because some users only accept your friend request so they can spy on your personal life. Some of you may be being stalked by your ex – boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate right now! This limited profile feature allows EBP to network without putting all their personal information out for casual associates to view. Never add random people to your friend list, for it will only result in being SuperPoked on every major or minor holiday.

Most EBP tend to stay away from MySpace; it has become the ghetto of the Internet. It has become a center for fights at school and even pedophilia. Not to mention the music and hideous backgrounds that must be loaded each time you view a person’s page, and the random glitter-filled messages from strangers “showing your page some love”!

Let’s not even talk about blackplanet. These days, only those incarcerated individuals in correctional institutions with internet access are on this “networking”/”hook-up” site. However, it was one of the original sites targeted toward African Americans.


4 Responses to “#15 Facebook (Pre-2005)”
  1. Brandi Graves says:

    Now this Facebook (Pre-2005) is pure comedy and so so true!!!! we were all mad when “everybody” got to join!!

  2. Michael says:

    uebp always find a way to try and belong. revolting

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