Friday, January 19th, 2018

#4 Poetry Slams


Educated Black People LOVE poetry slams. Poetry slams are events where
either professional poets or audience members get up and recite
original poems, songs and speeches. Educated black people are large
attendees of these “slams” because we believe that this form of
entertainment is much better then going to a bar, listening to music,
enjoying a long walk, or anything else that uncultured people enjoy.
It also allows us to show off our verbal rhythm, because true slam
poets……..always…….talklikethis ……because if you don’t…..thenyouare…..
a…..FAKE…..poet *thoughtful look*.

The best thing about slam poetry is anybody can participate, no matter
the race! If you watch the Educated black people-approved “Def Poetry
Jam”, you will see all sorts of races participating on the show.
Non-black people have to remember that if you sit on the front row,
the poet will pick that opportunity to say the one poem that will make
you feel bad about all the things you’ve said about we educated black
people, so BEWARE!

Another good thing about poetry slams could be the showcase they provide
for the numerous things we like: natural hair, Afrocentric wear,
tattoos with African symbolism, special teas, the black power sign,
etc. If a non-white person wants to bask in the glory that comes from
educated black people, attending a poetry slam is the way to go.


2 Responses to “#4 Poetry Slams”
  1. Annoying EBP says:

    Do we (EBPs) still snap (instead of clapping) at these events? So corny!

    When I was single, poetry slams were great venues to meet other “conscious” black people. Smh & lol!


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