Friday, January 19th, 2018

#9 First Fridays


Today is a special day in the hearts of Educated Black People, for it’s their favorite day of the month: FIRST FRIDAY!

Unlike uneducated black people and their love affair with the 1st and 15th of every month, educated Black People wait in anticipation for the First Friday. This is the day that upscale events are held so educated black people can mingle among others of their social ilk. These events usually have themes, allowing educated black people to purchase new designer clothing to fit in. First Fridays are so big that there is a national website promoting all the cities that have them. First Fridays are usually broken up into two sessions: a two hour block dedicated to exchanging business cards and the actual party.
The two hour card exchange allows educated black people to enjoy some of the things that they love: foreign wines, neo-soul and business cards. It also allows the more power- educated black people (i.e. Director, CEO, COO) to separate themselves from the up and coming educated black people (i.e. assistant, officer, specialist). Remember that educated black people like to separate themselves, even while they hang together.
The actual party is usually a fashion show, performance or other type of entertainment that allows educated black people to mingle without really having to socialize. One of the highlights of the party period is spotting the uneducated black people who are trying to blend in. If you see a man in a suit with a cheap chain or a woman with multi-colored “dress clothes” on, then you’ve found the uneducated stunnas. At this point, most of the EBP will get together to talk about these unwelcome guests.

Finally, First Fridays are a great place for white people to come out and have a good time with educated black people and discuss important issues such as liberalism, coffee w/ three creams and good health insurance. With this in mind, have a GREAT time tonight!


2 Responses to “#9 First Fridays”
  1. Rob says:

    Simply put, black on black crime and it isn’t restricted to the US. See lots / tons of this throughout the West Indies.. We love the one upman’s game … always looking for someone with strong shoulders to stand on.

    Foreign wines and business cards LOL. What an unholy alliance…

  2. Temi Abimbola says:

    Hey don’t forget the Black people in Britain 😀 About 75% of us in Britain make up the EBP genre.
    (We make up 2% of the entire UK population) And we fit most of what is said on this blog, (A few points are a bit more favoured to American views)
    We make up about 50% West-indies and 50% African (I’m Nigerian btw), Africans make up most of the universities black population whilst west-indies are found in the media and public affairs.
    (No pun intended on both ethic groups, just informing our distribution in the UK)

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