Friday, January 19th, 2018

#10 Getting Dressed Up


Educated Black People like getting dressed up. No matter the event or time of day, EBP will over-dress. EBP will spend half of their salary, maybe more, on a new outfit for a party, family reunion, or even a school play. Even if the event is casual, an educated black male will usually wear a necktie, maybe a suit, if its after 5 p.m. When considering to over-dress, the EBP will think about who will be at the event and how much they need to impress those persons.

Also, an EBP finds the need to purchase name-brand or designer clothing. Although very expensive, its all worth it when someone comes up to the EBP and asks them where they bought the outfit or who is the designer. Most educated black males revel in purchasing expensive designer suits, neckties, shoes and briefcases; while most educated black females purchase expensive designer handbags and shoes.

Once an EBP has decided what to wear it’s time to head out to the event. If it is a party, an EBP will usually arrive during the mingling period to distribute business cards and model his/her outfit. A male will probably be wearing a tailored suit and freshly polished shoes; he can probably be smelled before he is seen, because of the distinct smell of his “expensive” cologne. A woman will make sure that every person can get a look at her subtle business “freakem” attire. A EBP will spare no expense in impressing the crowd. Even at a house party, an EBP can be spotted because they will probably be wearing a pair of slacks and dress shoes instead of jeans and casual shoes. Introduction of yourself will prompt an EBP to introduce himself/herself and produce a business card after a brief conversation.

There is one event that an EBP loves to attend: a high school reunion. It cannot be predicted what an EBP will wear to this event, but just know that it will be totally unnecessary. This is a time for the EBP to really shine, really show all his/her old teachers and classmates they have “made it”. EBPs will wear their best clothes, to show their former classmates that the old days have passed.

EBP like to dress up to show that they are more advanced than other blacks who think dressing up is wearing a button-down shirt with a pair of heavily starched jeans or the tightest jeans they can fit into paired with a brightly colored tube-top.

There is a need of EBP to show how educated or advanced they are in order to separate themselves from other blacks. Complementing an EBP on his/her clothing is the best thing someone can do if they want to become friends with an EBP. It shows that you have an appreciation for fine clothing and that you understand how difficult it was them to choose their outfit.


10 Responses to “#10 Getting Dressed Up”
  1. busybee says:

    the other side of that is the EBP who will proudly wear their ‘ghetto gear’ as a form of blatant rebellion against ‘the system’. my african american philosophy teacher was one of these. i thought he was a student when i walked in on my first day. what a surprise when he stood up and started class. it was a very interesting class and he was tougher on grading than i would have expected…anyway, i digress…i mean, i’m getting off topic. so yeah, there are two extremes with this one.

    • busybee says:

      i do love getting dressed up btw. as to getting over dressed…well as long as i don’t show up in a ball gown for a party, is there really such a thing?

      • JerseyGirl says:

        Definitely cosign here! Had an ex that hated me for always being dressed up. He always wanted to wear jeans and flipflops…I wanted to wear a dress and some heels.

        • I like what you said and it’s true that some feel jealous of your dress up look. It’s very important to look good. Why not? I look women who wear dresses anyway. You’ve earned every moment.

  2. sistaPOEt says:

    I wholeheartedly co-sign busybee’s last comment.

  3. Sunshine says:

    This is me. Even when I go out to lunch with my friends and it is casual I will go out in heels and a nice skirt or nice pant and top. My friends have dubbed my a fashionista for this reason and my resistance to wearing flats or sandals. I just love dressing up and it feels good when people notice it.

  4. Sunshine, you look great in them tights ;))!

  5. PrettyLady says:

    I also do the same thing.. It’s kind of embarrassing now that I think about it.

    It’s all a way of attempting to distance oneself from stereotypes and show true value. It’s sad because it shows how controlled we are by stupid stereotypes. (If you are trying to break it, then you are still responding to it.)

  6. MariaErica says:

    I agree with this post but would also add that there’s a segment of the EBP community that likes to dress up but tackle it from a vintage/thrift/discount store approach. There are many EBP who want to look like a million bucks, but feel it would be ghetto fabulous to spend more on clothes than their mortgage and student loan payments.

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