Friday, January 19th, 2018

#14 Correcting Others


Educated Black People Like correcting others. It does not matter the topic or situation, an EBP will never miss an opportunity to correct someone else. Hell, they’ll probably correct this post. An EBP will stop at nothing to show off their so called “educated” status. Whether it be correcting a co-worker on a point of information, or telling their 90 year old grandmother that it’s pronounced “sink” and not “zink”; an EBP knows no boundaries.

As soon as an EBP has completed one semester of college, they’ll behave as though they have just obtained a Ph.D in Everything; even though their GPA was a 2.0 and they never went to class. They will automatically become an expert on spelling, grammar, rocket science, and of course African studies. These EBP come home from college anticipating the opportunity for a family or church member to make a mistake. Watch out Rev. Jeremiah Wright! The degree to which an EBP corrects others depends on whether they are attending or have attended an HBCU or a majority white institution. If the EBP has attented a majority white university, they will be on correction overload; being around all those white students gives them a feeling of superiority to other blacks. They will even correct and attack other EBP who attend HBCUs. It does not matter where the mistake occurs, an EBP will loudly correct the person; embarrassing the non-EBP won’t matter as long as the EBP has had his time to shine. Correcting others gives them a sense that they are somehow better than the other person; which totally isn’t true. They may even sit down with a group of friends and point out the errors in grammar and pronunciation on what else, BET. It validates their “educatedness”.

Besides learning current events, EBP watch CNN or other world news channels so that they can be fully informed when the opportunity to correct someone arises. On the other hand, an EBP may correct someone else only on a certain subject – because that’s the only thing they know about.

If you are corrected by an EBP, thank them for pointing out your error and tell them that they must be really smart; even though you really want to smack them for embarrassing you.


5 Responses to “#14 Correcting Others”
  1. Ashley Dean says:

    This is true. FOr example, there is a typographical error in your secondary header “Everything You’ve Every Wanted To Know About EBP” Every instead of Ever. :-)

  2. Imani says:

    Recently, my educated black partner corrected me in the presence of our marriage counselor, and I felt a twinge of embarrassment. I immediately asked her to explain why she felt my pronunciation of the word “impasse” was incorrect. I don’t mind being corrected, but not in the presence of others.

    I think it would be a good idea to ask all EBP (correctors) to explain why they feel they are right and you are wrong. And just maybe this will discourage the EBP from correcting anyone in the presence of others.

  3. Ivy says:

    I think people should get over themselves about people correcting them. If you went to a foreign country and tried to speak their language, I’m sure you would want someone to correct you if you made a mistake. It should not be different when someone corrects you when speaking in your native language.

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