Friday, January 19th, 2018

#19 Displaying Photographs


Whenever someone visits the home or office of an EBP, they will notice that photographs are usually displayed. While this is a normal practice for all races, EBP do things a little differently. At first glance one will notice the pictures of family members; then, it will be spotted, perhaps in its own distinctive frame. It is a picture of your host shaking hands or in a casual pose with a celebrity. However, it will not be just any celebrity. The celebrity will be someone that is important to EBP culture; a jazz artist, politician, actor, author or famous Pastor/Reverend.

EBP like displaying these photographs because they are a great conversation starter. It allows them to tell you the story of how they came to meet said celebrity and pose for a photo opportunity. EBP love telling stories. They will tell you that it was just a chance meeting, but in reality they spent months stalking the celeb on the internet or plotting to attend a rally, meeting or book signing just for a chance to get in a picture. Your EBP host will probably tell you that they were the only person the celebrity took a photograph with, but really there was a line of people taking photographs. Also, your EBP host may tell you that they met the celebrity before they “made it big.” EBP love to say they knew a celebrity before they were incredibly popular.

It is important to note that EBP do take photographs with other celebrities, but they will not be prominently displayed at their home or office. These other celebrities will include rappers, singers or athletes who are less than desirable. However, photographs with certain athletes are acceptable. This list would include: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Ahmad Rashad or Donovan McNabb; all non-controversial Black celebrities. EBP cannot stand controversial Black people in the news. Extra points are awarded if the celebrity is an alum of the EBP’s HBCU.

There are also certain celebrities that EBP spend a lifetime trying to get a photo opportunity with; the Holy Grail of EBP celebrity photographs with: Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Oprah, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. If an EBP is lucky enough to meet one of these individuals, you will know immediately; for they will email all their friends and family the picture as soon as they get home. It may even become their profile picture on Facebook.
It is always important to look at an EBP’s photographs and make positive comments and ask questions. Your comments and questions are a form of validation for their EBP status – for these celebrities don’t take pictures with just anyone.


2 Responses to “#19 Displaying Photographs”
  1. GMK says:

    By ‘educated black people’ you are clearly only talking about educated African Americans. Reason being: no educated African is trying to take pictures with Al Sharpton.

    In fact, other than perhaps Barack Obama, the rest of the celebs (Ahmad Rashad, Donovan McNabb) will not feature on ANY African educated hitlist.

    But I guess as a satirical piece, the point is made….

  2. Real Talk says:

    GMK shut the hell up. Its all just jokes. Plus Africans are worse. Please do not hack my computer to steal info or ask me to deposit money into your account or email me to say that I won the lottery please. Thanks.

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