Friday, January 19th, 2018

#21 Hiding Their Drama


EBP have the same problems as UEBP or WP. However, EBP take pride in hiding their drama from friends or co-workers. By allowing their drama to be brought into public light, EBP appear nothing more than the UEBP stereotypes portrayed by the media. Whether it be man problems, problems at work or catty-chick stuff; EBP will go to great lengths to protect their polished EBP public appearance. For there is nothing more embarrassing than to have an irate “ex” or co-worker scream or shout at the EBP in a public place. It is important to note that the EBP wants to shout back or fight, but that would make him/her an UEBP and destroy his EBP status.

So what does an EBP do when confronted with drama in public? He or she walks away in disgust. There is nothing more “educated” than to not give any response to such comments. If there is an audience of WP or AP, they will immediately comfort the EBP and congratulate him or her for remaining calm, because that’s exactly what they would have done. The EBP will respond by saying the irate person has mental problems and probably didn’t take their medicine today.

However, on the inside, the EBP is truly hurt. How could someone attempt to ruin his EBP status with their loud rantings? Soon after the confrontation, the EBP will begin seeing a psychologist or therapist, if he isn’t already. This will allow the EBP to let out his true feelings without being judged by an audience. This is a difficult thing for the EBP to do, because it is likely that the therapist is a white male. The EBP wants to get out his feelings, but it is difficult to air your dirty laundry without thinking the therapist is judging you. However, this feeling is soon lost when the EBP realizes that his is paying hundreds of dollars to not be judged.

Drama is a big part of the lives of EBP, but most of the public will never know.


5 Responses to “#21 Hiding Their Drama”
  1. JerseyGirl says:

    Yes, I agree entirely when you state,

    “So what does an EBP do when confronted with drama in public? He or she walks away in disgust. There is nothing more “educated” than to not give any response to such comments. ”

    I have done this more than a time or two…even walked out of my parents home when they started on the yelling…and they too are EBP….I just can’t deal with the drama!!! My parents are retired, and my Mother thrives on the drama…

  2. Nyanga says:

    In my experience, this is dignified behavior that exists at all sociocultural levels, not just at the EBP level. You’ll hear people of all types saying they can’t stand fussing (old-fashioned) or can’t stand drama (modern). In general, it stems from the natural concept of civility and behaving well to others around you. Aside from the home environment, Civics or good citizenship used to be reinforced in school. Charter and magnet schools may have a strong focus on that; not so sure about regular public schools today.

  3. Serena says:

    Shout out to the EB too educated to pick up on the blatant sarcasm… SMH the comments from the EB’s make the article even betta!! So educated that you can’t even see when your being made a fool, FOOL… Check back in ppl!!!!

  4. Celeste says:

    Funny, I loved reading about this topic, it is clearly telling the truth. It is hard to walk away when all you can think about is yelling and belittling the aggressor in retaliation. My husband who is white is trying hard to teach me how put rude people in their place quietly.

  5. chocolatemint says:

    Good one and very true. Like Mary J Blige says, “I’m a lady so I’m gonna stay classy”. I’m not going to change who *I* because you’re acting like who *you*. That goes for my family, friends and anyone else who wants to start drama

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