Friday, January 19th, 2018

#24 Foreign Cars


Educated Black People like foreign cars. Something about the undergraduate degree just makes American made cars inadequate. Now, the type of B.A. determines where the foreign car is from. Any Liberal Arts degree is automatically a Japanese Import (with a heavy affinity towards the Honda Accord). Science or engineering degrees are not as simple. Sometimes these degrees can go for “near luxury”brands like Lexus, Acura and Infiniti (which again are all Japanese imports that are made by Toyota, Honda and Nissan respectively, but they cost a lot more). Occasionally, the science or engineering degree holder will break tradition and get a German import, which all EBPs know, are typically reserved for those with a Master’s Degree. The EBP who obtain J.D., M.D. and PhD. are only comfortable driving Italian made cars (Porsche) or English made (Jaguar, Range Rover). The EBP foreign car love starts in Japan and works its way west. As they hand out the diploma, they should also hand out a map that says “your next car should come from here”.

Note: The Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator and Hummer are all American made, but popularized by entertainers and athletes. Occasionally, an EBP will get one of these to emulate the (uneducated rapper/actor/athlete) and will be talked about by his fellow EBPs.


29 Responses to “#24 Foreign Cars”
  1. Captain Obvious says:

    Amen! if you look at MOST black people who are into dodge chargers and magnums etch they’ re most likely ghetto black people.

    • ashley says:

      omgee this website is horrible, please get over your self!

    • MR. Z says:

      I am not a Badge whore and me and my friends find badge whores funny we typically like 80s and 90s and some 00s sports cars from Europe or japan. We really don’t care about the age or the the status of the car, but we do care about how the car makes you feel when you look at it and what is its potential if you decide to hook it up (Make if faster). I own a 93′ Nissan 300ZX Twin turbo. My friends own cars like the 90s Mazda RX-7, 90s Toyota Supra, VW Golf GTi etc.

      We’re the type of people that win the lotto and don’t purchase one Benz, Audi, or BMW.

    • Keisha C. says:

      I agree!

  2. Richard says:

    Why not buy American and put your average black brothers and sisters back to work in the plants!

    • Ashley says:

      While I have better things to be doing with my time right now, I am taking a break to have a laugh.
      There are American plants for foreign cars, such as the BMW plant in South Carolina (an amazing place, btw).

      • ashley says:

        Ashley I not only LOVE our name :), but I love your comment, these blogs and comment are def funny! people can not really feel this, if so I feel so sad for them.

    • SomeDude says:

      Actually the Honda, Toyota, BMW and Mercedes build some of their North American market vehicles in America. While GM opened up an engine plant in Mexico during their bankrupcy restructuring…a good percentage of the parts that go into GM cars come from foreign sources. “Buy American” has been considerably less significant to putting Americans to work for a couple of decades.

    • Pamela says:

      You mean back to work FIXING THEM EVERY DAY?? And charging us $700 for a distributor rotor just because we have a college degree so we “must” have that kind of money to spend on one little thing??!! If Americans didn’t make cars that break down on a regular basis then those of us who grew up middle-class and are PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS who need a reliable car that’s not always at the shop, might consider buying them.

      Or maybe you mean, back to work making more of them because they wear out at only 100,000 miles…….

  3. Guru says:

    We spend soooo much money and expend so much energy to separate ourselves from the rest of our race. Amazing! Save time and money be yourself brotha man!

  4. Jay says:

    Thank you Ashley!

  5. Enlightened One says:

    What about the business majors???

  6. The Beast of the Big East says:

    “The EBP who obtain J.D., M.D. and PhD. are only comfortable driving Italian made cars (Porsche)…”


    Unlike Fiat, Alfa Romeo, or Ferrari, Porsche is a GERMAN manufacturer. It may be of note that their ops in North America are based in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

  7. Thelma says:

    It’s nice to have nice things, but we should not allow the nice things to dictate to us,in regards to who we are. At the end of the day, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his SOUL.” When you died and leave this world, there will “NOT” be a U-haul hooked up behind the funeral car with your “FINE QUALITY” material possessions somebody else will begin to enjoy your “THINGS.”

  8. Joey says:

    Americans are a funny bunch lol

    By the way Porche is not Italian it’s German.

  9. theresa says:

    I drive a HONDA civic 2002. I am in no mood for car payments,I recently earned my masters’ and don’t want status symbols at this point in my life just quality.No Benz in my future maybe a porsche would be fun! Just want to have a good time without going “off the chain”!

  10. Walt says:

    This is so true in many aspects! I recognized this during school and have always bucked the standard. I have a Masters and JD and I drive an Escalade. My wife wanted to get a Range Rover and a Benz and she definitely falls in that category of folks that I consider as the “bougie Huxtables.” Anything that “those people” do or say is ok is exactly what she wants and tries to achieve. From dress, cars, schools, places to live, food, style of home, etc. Of course, as my wife I had to show her the error and sometimes selfhate that goes along with that type of thinking and that’s why we have an Escalade instead of a Range and a Benz. Oh and before folks start talking reckless the Escalade was used and we probably paid less than some pay for a new Honda Accord (and it is super clean).

  11. LeTronique says:

    When I was little, my uncle drove us to school in a brand new 3 Series BMW. Fully loaded, with a little carseat for the baby, who always giggled when my uncle gunned the engine on the highway. I want to continue this tradition with a Panamera S, or heaven willing, A Maserati Quattroporte!

  12. felix says:

    Porsche is a german car manufacturer.

  13. Bard says:

    Porsche is a german brand….

  14. Mudah Dude says:

    Porsche is a German car

  15. marvin says:


  16. Wayne says:

    Let me guess….the “Writer” is a Blogger. Porsche is a German product owned by the Volkswagen Conglomerate. Horrible article, even worse writing and research.

  17. Keisha C. says:

    What about EBP who earned an A.A degree? What car would match their personality?

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