Friday, January 19th, 2018

#26 Naming Their Children


We Educated Black People LOVE to give our children names that show that “we’ve arrived!”

Names that won’t leave the teacher guessing where the accent should be.  Names that don’t necessarily reveal the child’s race like Nina(often times followed by Simone), Melanie, Noah(many are huge fans), Drew, Aiden, Nile and Gavin.  Gone is the day where Shaquan, De’Ja-nae and LaPonicah reign supreme.

Although we’re not too crazy about unusual spellings, we love giving our girls masculine names with a twist like Ryann, Alexx and Jordyn.  Last names as first names?  We like those too,for boys and girls, like Riley, Reid and Madison.  These names also work very well with the ever popular initial as the first name.

There are a growing number of EB’s that, on occasion, throw in ”ethnic” names like Kesi, Nadirah and Akil(nothing too over the top; that also goes for Biblical places for names like Judah and Eden) but they’re seldom used as first names.  Heavens no.  The EBP reserves those names for that ever popular SECOND middle name; you know, the one that is seldom used.

It starts with their first born.  Be it the first name as an initial, middle name and last name or the afore mentioned first name, middle, 2nd middle and last name.  To keep up the trend with the second born, the child will either share the 3 initials of his sibling, both children will have a 2nd middle name or their first names will share the same letter.  Many EB’s are moving away from naming their son’s junior.  It’s better to have a Nathan Montgomery Edwards, II than to have a Nate or Monty, Jr. as those names wouldn’t read well on the birth announcement written of course in Bradley Hand ITC or Calligraphy.

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