Friday, January 19th, 2018

#6 Town Homes


Educated Black people Like town homes.

When an educated Black person gets a new job upon graduation, they usually purchase a town home. This is a symbol of status. It’s the convenience of a starter home without the burden of doing yard work. In places like New York, most educated Blacks will purchase a brownstone.

A town home is a symbol of status because it shows the world that they have “made it.” Their education has paid off–they are living the American Dream. Once the educated Blacks move into the town home, they will have what is called a “house warming party.” Usually other educated Blacks and a few of the acceptable white friends from work will be invited. However, there may be a separate party for the new homeowner’s family. This is usually because the educated Blacks do not want their family mixing with their friends from work because this typically produces some type of embarrassing situation–probably resulting in Uncle Joe getting drunk and hitting on a friend of the homeowner.

If you are invited to a house warming party for an educated Black person, you are required to bring a gift for the home. One of the safest gifts is a house plant; perhaps an ivy. If you are a non-Black, never EVER bring Black art–you are stereotyping your educated Black friend and will probably lose them as a friend.

It is a must to compliment the size of the home, even if your bathroom is bigger than the entire house. This will make the homeowner feel proud of their purchase and ease the anxiety that they are having knowing it will take them 30 years to pay for it!


6 Responses to “#6 Town Homes”
  1. J-GUDDA says:

    I’m not so sure that they would be considered “educated” for buying a townhome. They are probably one of the worst investments ever. All of my EB friends (yes I’m an EB) who have bought townhomes, now regret it. Just look for a nice gated apartment complex … one where the gates actually work.

  2. thomas smith says:

    I think you need to include the fact that educated Blacks are atheist and revolutionary,

  3. Temi Abimbola says:

    In responce to the above comment; No most EB are not atheist or revolutionist, it’s actually the total opposite, there are just some exceptions, Christian black families with children are more likely to enter into university, with an advance degree and then a stable job. Then with their own stable family and a comfortable home.

    It makes sense (The MLK dream), on the other hand, the revolutionist are mostly pro-black/nation of islam/blame-the-white-man-for-everything– lunatics. No offence to the history of america, but they’re mostly the drop-outs and the aggresive members of society that believe they deserve everything that they didn’t work for. I’m also talking specifically about the EB that hate white people, and could’ve dropped out of college and still don’t want anything to do with our current society.

  4. Minka says:

    if you really want to say you’ve arrived buy a house

  5. Denese says:

    As an EBP, I think this one is a bit presumptuous. Everyone does not want a townhome & everyone does not want a home. I think the key is to buy what you want, need and can afford. Most importantly, the smart thing to do is buy it before you buy your first “luxury” car. That’s how you know you’ve arrived by exercising thoughtful judgement & strategic priorities.


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