Friday, January 19th, 2018

#7 Barack Obama


Educated Black People Like Barack Obama, but it’s not for the reasons you think.

Yes, Obama is an Educated Black Person, so of course we LOVE him. However, there are other reasons educated blacks like the Senator from Illinois. Another reason is that he’s the first Black person to run for public office without going all Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on America. Obama has not once gotten the NAACP or Black Panthers involved in his campaign. We also like him because he has not solicited their help in his campaign for the Presidency; because educated blacks know that these two men would hurt rather than help Obama’s campaign. Al and Jesse are educated black people, so we like them; but educated blacks can only stand these two in moderation. All the yelling and rhyming annoys educated black people.

When discussing politics with an educated black person, do not automatically assume they are a supporter of Senator Obama. This is almost insulting because you are basically saying that because Obama is black and they are black, the two must go together. Allow your educated black friend to discuss the issues that concern them and they will usually tell you that they support Obama because of how he stands on national issues. It is important for an educated black person to explain why they like Obama, so that they can separate themselves from the uneducated or other blacks who like Obama just because he’s black.


9 Responses to “#7 Barack Obama”
  1. W.P. Whizzer says:

    All the yelling and rhyming!!!!!!

  2. Stormy says:

    I don’t know when this was written, but it needs to be updated. He is President Obama now.

  3. That Guy says:

    Black Leadership and the Pitfalls of Racial Reasoning in “Race Matters” by Cornel West.
    Whoever posted this needs to read the aforementioned chapter/article. Educated Black People like to read…or maybe we only like to suggest we are educated so we feel good about ourselves while we ignore the needed work of improving our communities & uplifting our “uneducated’ brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, carry on!

  4. this site makes me laugh so hard i am white says:

    president obama is not the first black president, he is half white too. he is the 1st racially mixed president, but he is not “black”

    • TruthFinder says:

      Most of the presidents were racially mixed, they just hid it.

    • TheTruth says:

      Yes, President Obama is technically biracial; so is Mariah Carey and Halle Berry (just to name two famous people) but they are considered Black. Have you not heard of the hypodescent rule (one-drop-rule)? Funny how when a Black man does something great like become the PRESIDENT of the United States, he becomes biracial and some people want to draw attention to the fact that he is “half White.” Any other “biracial” person with one Black parent would be considered Black, case closed. Does it make you feel better that the first Black President had a White mother? Do you really think anyone is truly “pure” racially? Think again.

  5. marvin says:

    First of all folks 70% of all of us so-called BLACK PEOPLE have a second heritage other than african, however we are all still AFRICANS. What the hell is a BLACK?

  6. Erasto says:

    Personally I do not consider myself black at all since I had a white great- great- great- great grandmother. I have always been able to tell that her blood separates me from the common blacks.

  7. Timmons says:

    Yeah sure, ask an EBP to tell you “why” they like Obama and you will get one of two things, total silence or a heaping pile of made-up BS. Here’s one thing that you won’t find on this website, politics. EBPs don’t “do” politics, they mostly repeat a very lose string of popular talking points, but philosophy, political science, historical fact, rational thought, and principal, the key ingredients you need to make solid argument… Those things aren’t nearly as popular with EBPs. What are popular, broad platitudes and emotional argument- enter the democrat party, which is just one of several reasons that EBPs have gravitated en masse to the democrats, even though the democrat party is in total fact the party of segregation, Jim Crowe, and slavery.

    Regardless, most EBPs will never admit to liking Obama because of his race, because they are intelligent and educated enough to recognize the dirty little hypocrisy of their own feelings, and that in reality they are no better than the cliche they pretend to rise above; instead, it’s easier to just convince themselves it’s for other reasons. The few EBPs who don’t like Obama and dare to tread in the waters of the civil rights of the individual (vice the drowning ocean of the collectivist left) are viewed as outcasts, stereotyped, and tied to a verbal whipping post by their own brothers and sisters for illustrating true diversity- diversity of opinion.

    Self proclaimed EBPs are in fact solidly in the realm of the pseudo-intellectual when it comes to why they like Obama, I have not met one yet who could do nothing more than rattle-off propaganda.

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