Friday, January 19th, 2018

#8 Talking About Uneducated Black People


Besides themselves, EBP like talking about uneducated Blacks who disgrace their race. Most EBP hate those Blacks who are loud in public and draw unnecessary attention to themselves. EBP especially get embarrassed when they are out with their white friends and they run into an uneducated Black person. They usually want to run over and slap the uneducated Black in order to stop whatever stupid behavior they are doing, but of course, this would not be very educated of them.

Most educated Blacks are embarrassed by the loud music and large rims uneducated blacks seem to love. Another favorite is poor grammar, which is usually spoken very loudly. When a group of EBP get together, they typically talk about all the uneducated Blacks they saw that day. Conversations on this topic can go on for hours and can range from slippers to do-rags worn in public! With uneducated Blacks constantly doing embarrassing things, this is a never ending conversation.

While this is standard conversation for EBP, white people should never engage in this type of discussion. White people will come off as prejudiced, which is something educated Black people hate. If a white person says something derogatory about an uneducated Black, their educated Black friend will quickly become uneducated and proceed to curse that white person out.

So the moral of the story is: White people talk about uneducated Blacks in the privacy of your home if you want to keep your token educated Black friends.

*We are sure our readers will have a lot to say about this post; that’ why we kept it short.


36 Responses to “#8 Talking About Uneducated Black People”
  1. Alison Moxley says:

    Oh my goodness, I am guilty of this one…lol!

  2. Andy says:

    I feel like this about my hispanic race as well. I feel like when someone asks my race it’s sort of a negative connotation as there’s a typical view of hispanics. Just like EBP, I get pissed off at the loud music among other things. I also hate when they think they can talk about someone just because they know spanish.

  3. Richard Colbert says:

    I totally agree with this. I am a black man, but that doesn’t mean I want to be around all blacks. I believe any black person would deserve my time. It doesn’t matter to me if they are rich, poor, and yes uneducated, as long as he or she has sense. I know quite a few people that have never gone to college, but you would never know. Everyone has the ability to carry themselves with class and dignity.

  4. Average Joe says:

    Professional Blacks in my world do all that they can NOT to circulate among their less than educated brothers and sisters. Yes they will accept them as clients–that’s a given.They will also embrace them in political circles if they need their vote. In doing so, they will hang in the common folk social circles out of expedience but once that vote is cast and they assume office, it’s off to the country club, mixed dinner parties with there caucasian freinds and ultra private social events with other Black elite. Make no mistake, they have nothing in common with the average black person and they make that abundantly clear in many ways. I have some friends from the Caribbean who find it amusing and in some cases not so amusing that after so many years of being under British rule, their Black politicans and society folk clammer to obtain British awards. They point to Black folk that have Dame in front of their names. Others that attach M.B.E–Member of the British Empire and O.B.E’s after their names. Say it ain’t so my brothers an sisters, say it ain’t so.

  5. Rob says:

    Andy, dude, lighten up. There is nothing wrong with loud music and if someone ask about your race and you see it as a negative then you don’t like yourself..Time for a sit down on a leather couch in a dimly lit room with a good Jewish therapist….

    The fact that many of us still quote in percentages the amount of non black we have in us speaks volumes of how screwed up we truly are…

    • Andrew says:

      Why should he lighten up? I wholeheartedly agree with him. It has nothing to do with hating yourself. If you understood the purpose for why the loud annoying music is played, then you wouldn’t need to answer in such a condescending way. And this is coming from a Hispanic man.

  6. Enlightened One says:

    Rob makes a good point… One of my friends says she’s Black, French, Cuban, Native American, Creole and a whole bunch of stuff. Why is it necessary to quote ALL of these ethnicities? To be “exotic”? Obviously, just being black isn’t enough. That’s sad.

  7. The Beast of the Big East says:

    The short version is, “I could not have been more busted were I Dennis Kozlowski or Bernie Madoff in the middle of a perp walk.”

    Having spent the last eight years in parts of town where I was one of at most three African Americans within 1/2 mile of my home with a 4-year degree (the other two being my mum and my sister), I kvetch at length about the AEBP (“anti-educated Black People”) I have to overhear or see. Their intentional ignorance, at times including criminality, make them worst-case scenario variants of UEBP.

    I take offense at the AEBP position that the exposed undies/glutes, drug habits, poor command of US English, habits of harassing Asian/Hispanic shopkeepers for fun, profanity directed at one’s own three-year-old children, boasts of an arm-long criminal record, and an appalling aversion to what we Gen-X Blacks were taught to consider general knowledge are what it means to be a modern African American.

    If I seem to have a chip on the left shoulder that could drive a Macintosh, it may ultimately stem from the fact that I had an easier time dating in college than in the 18 years since. Sadly, I find myself hip-deep in AEBP whose barnyard manners and gross ignorance would repulse ANY normal person, yet have somehow reproduced.

  8. Jay says:

    Might as well go ahead and call this website “Stuff People With Common Sense Do” and call it a day. And BONUS, it could apply to white as well.

  9. jarrett jones says:

    This site is the cause of most of the ills in our community. This divisive thinking has plagued us since slavery. I’m actually stunned by this foolishness, but it makes me respect my upbringing even more. My parents would have never allowed to entertain such thinking. Go join the KKK if you hate your race so much. Sellouts!

    • stacy.k says:


    • Michael says:

      Rubbish. Dumb idiots like you should be stripped of education, if you even have one. I can’t help but think this is exactly how the founders of Omega Psi Phi reasoned, educated men who wanted to be “cool” with the uebp. Disgusting.

    • Glen Coco says:

      Excellent comment. I go to an Ivy League school (Cornell), and even I think this website is elitist. Having a college diploma shouldn’t make you think that you’re any better than anyone else!

      • James Williams says:

        I hope you realise that this site is anti-elitism and it is smugly laughing at the wannabe-whites? I hope cornell taught you with some literary analysis and/or common sense.

      • Krystal says:

        Glen Coco, I think this site is less elitist than it is a self-aware, fun means to call out elitism and other issues within our community. Let’s face it- we have lots! and they divide BP, rather than moving us along. These schisms are not just about EBP vs. UEBP, but light vs. dark; man vs. woman; young vs. old; urban vs. suburban; East vs. West; criminal vs. law-abiding, etc. Man! BP are great at finding ways to separate ourselves from each other which is precisely what slaveholders wanted long ago. Read the Willie Lynch speech in which “he tells other slave masters that he has discovered the “secret” to controlling black slaves by setting them against one another.” It’s been proven effective as heck. As an EBP, I’m starting to interrupt my knee-jerk disgust at EBP. Cuz it helps nada! Plus, we have to know we represent 2 sides of the same coin. This tendency to hate on one another points to a self-loathing complex intentionally implanted within us all. I know it’s hard, but we don’t have the luxury of being squeamish about admitting it, because we need to focus our energies on dismantling the systemic problems that perpetuate it. Because there ARE many institutions that do this work (corporate greed, wage inequality, prison industrial complex, consumerism, inequitable education system, the dangerous mindsets being promoted by black popular culture, etc.) and we unwittingly support them with dollars, voices and votes (or lack thereof.) We have to create a world that cherishes everybody’s humanity, right? ALSO, while I found some stuff on this list to which I can relate, my white Ivy-educated MD roommate related way more. He actually introduced me to this list because he saw how much I like stuff on the “Stuff White People Like List.” LOL!

    • AK says:

      Are you kidding? You have no issue with black people being defined by negative stereotypes? I will never embrace ignorant behavior, but that’s just me.

      “I love black people, but I hate niggas!”
      – Chris Rock

  10. stacy.k says:

    really? how ignorant can you get?!

    These so called “educated” black people are too busy trying to impress white people; the same people who oppressed their people. Why is white people’s opinions about your race important/relevant/valued?

    This blog should be changed from “educated black people” to bougie, assimilated, black people who just want to shit on other Black people. Since when is being boisterous associated with being uneducated? Yea, it can be a little obnoxious at times, but you don’t have the right to deem that person uneducated.

    Whoever created this blog needs to get a life, get over themselves, and stop perpetuating stereotypes! Real DUMB for an “educated” Black person. READ A BOOK.

  11. Christina says:

    This can be true of EBP who are in the company of whites, but I’ve known many (such as myself) that when they are in the company of uneducated blacks will go “back to their roots” and allow some colloquialisms and poor grammar to slip into their speech as they loosen up. I believe the official term for this is “shifting” and EBP must learn to do it well to avoid being seen as an Uncle Tom by blacks or another dumb ni**er by whites

  12. moe says:

    I am not black nor white and have lived/worked in multiple black communities so I know personally of the wide spectrum in the black community . It is not a matter of educated or uneducated but rather social etiquette. There is a large majority of adult black men and women who work, want a good future for their children, pay taxes, do not commit crimes or use drugs. The problem from my experience, is found in the young black population. Coming to the US at a young age I was shocked to see how most of my black classmates behaved. They would fight kids who looked at them, or wore the same shirt, beat people up for their shoes, steal items from others and gloat about it, have words and signs shaved into their heads, wear their pants to low that their boxers hung out, bully weak white kids, were loud and wild, invested so much effort in order to appear “gangsta”. Sure there where white kids who were in the punk or metal movement but for the most part they were introverts and outcasts keeping to themselves, only a few were trouble makers. And this attitude that if you are successful or educated you are trying to be white or impress whites is unfounded. When you move up in education/social-economic class you can not longer associate with the people below you not b/c they are less worthy but because there is nothing in common, their values are different. As a physician I have many black colleagues and they are the most articulate, disciplined and educated people I have ever met… none of their behavior is meant to “impress white people”. My question is why is W B Debois, Malcom X, MLK, John Henrik Clarke not emulated or idolized in lieu of Dr.Dre, Snoop, Tupac, Biggie, Kat Williams, 50 Cent? Why is the black youth so dedicated in keeping up this gangsta/pimp/hustler image? Why do black youth emulate people who hate them ie Italian gangsters? Why wear such wild and wacky attire (underwear hanging out, shirts three sizes too large, etc). Before med school I worked as a substitute teacher in a low income community and I can attest that these kids want to learn, they will meet challenges if they are motivated, but most teachers do not have the drive to push them, parenting skills are absent and media is god. Something happens between 5th-9th grade that morphs these young minds and turns most of them into the UEBP that everyone is talking about.

  13. chocolatemint says:

    This post is true, Chris Rock said it best with his “Chart of Black Progress” routine.

  14. Liza275 says:

    This is way elitist and unclassy.

  15. Steve says:

    I just can’t stand the low worn pants! Whenever I see these IDIOTS, and they are many, I just want to bash their heads in!

  16. Defc says:

    Makes sense, considering successful black people can’t wait to assimilate into the white race. No sense of brotherhood within the black race whatsoever.

  17. Amonica says:

    I agree with most of the posts on here. I grew up in a very bad environment and it definitely played a role in my developement. I stayed into trouble and being bad was the norm. I married outside of my race and I gradually started ti change. I went from troubled angry teen to Pertroleum engineering student. After I enrolled into college my old friends n some family started saying,”You think you’re better than us.” They started bringing up my past to try and hurt me but instead I just cut those people off. I no longer want to be a number and I will succeed.

  18. Amonica says:

    If you want to better yourself then find better friends than what you had before you changed. Being around those same bad people will just bring u down emotionally and back to where u started.

  19. Sam says:

    I’m white and if another race speaks negatively about white people, it doesn’t bother me at all. I could care less. I have about as much concern about it as someone speaking bad about dirt or a rock.

    When other races evolve to my level, then they will have something to be proud of.

  20. Peace says:

    That’s Katt Williams though, hes cool no matter what anyone says.

  21. Big Black Cockatoo says:

    So… whites are automatically educated?

  22. TheProfessorSpeaks says:

    It doesn’t take an Ivy League education to learn to “pull up your pants”.
    It doesn’t take a 4 year degree to “speak proper english”
    It doesn’t take a childhood spent in the suburbs to “treat people right”
    It takes good parenting to cure the ills of what ails UEBP

    What we are seeing in America with UEBP choking the prisons and welfare lines is in fact a curse from God, and unless they turn to God, no man shall save them.

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